Choose the right surf package for you?

Beginner surfer on wave in Morocco

The Surfing Lessons Package

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

With great weather and a seemingly endless coastline, Morocco has the perfect combination of climate and waves to start your surfing journey.

Our Surf Lessons Package has been designed to put a smile on your face with surfing tuition that teaches you surfing skills in a fun, safe environment. We will help you build a strong foundation through proper form and technique that will help you learn faster and progress quicker to make the most of your surfing time in Morocco.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Our Surfing Lessons Package is aimed at beginners and intermediates. If you are new to surfing or if you have had some surfing experience but are not yet able to paddle into green waves under your own steam and confidently turn left and right across the face of the wave, then this is the right package for you.

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Intermediate surfer turning on Moroccan wave

Intermediate Surf Guiding

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Are you looking to raise your game a little? Perhaps you are stuck in a rut where you just don’t seem to be improving? Maybe you just need a bit more water time and to try more wave variety to get to the next level? Well, help is on hand. Our All-inclusive Surf Guiding Package is all about finding the right conditions to enhance your experience of riding green (unbroken) waves and get you performing basic manoeuvres with confidence.

Who Is It Aimed At?

If you can can paddle into your own waves and turn left and right and if you have experienced different waves and possess a reasonable level of fitness, then this is the package for you. (See our prerequisites table for full details.)

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Advanced surfer on wave in Morocco

Advanced Surf Guiding

Level: Advanced to Pro

Most experienced surfers have a simple wish list when travelling overseas. We want to find and surf the best waves at the least crowded lineup with the minimum of hassle. If you can add comfortable, clean accommodation, fantastic food and a friendly chilled out vibe to come back to then you have hit the jackpot. There is a very good reason why most of the top professional surfers in the world, when visiting Morocco for work and pleasure, choose to stay with Moroccan Surf Adventures. Welcome to surfing nirvana...

Who Is It Aimed At?

If you are an experienced surfer who is happy and prepared to travel distances to find the best, uncrowded conditions; if you are comfortable duck diving and riding reef and point breaks, then the Advanced Guiding Package is for you.

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Explorer Surf Package

Level: Intermediate to Pro

Are you looking for a surfing adventure and the thrill of discovering great waves off the beaten track? Imagine travelling through beautiful desert landscapes with friends and meeting new and interesting characters on your way to the next uncrowded peak... Imagine no longer. Our legendary Explorer 4x4 Package is all about getting away from the crowds and taking a journey to discover new waves. Are you ready for it?

Who Is It Aimed At?

During the peak swell months of November to March, the Explorer 4x4 Package is aimed at confident intermediate and experienced surfers who are used to riding in all conditions and who want to push their surfing boundaries. From April through to October, when the swells are smaller and the waves less demanding, we can organise 'learn to surf' trips by prior arrangement.

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